Reflections on Hear My Voice – Adelaide Fringe 2024

The feedback from this year’s Adelaide Fringe has been phenomenal!

Being an artist in the Adelaide Fringe is an unforgettable adventure, requiring a mix of creativity, resilience, and passion.

This second season of Hear My Voice at the wonderful new venue Plant 4 Bowden Mezzanine was no exception. As the writer, performer, and producer/marketer, navigating a festival with nearly 1,400 shows was a huge task, but immensely rewarding.

Embracing Uniqueness As Strength

Sharing my story and songs that resonate with me has been a highlight. It’s become clear that this show deeply connects with anyone who has ever felt different.

The story, intertwined with my unique voice and music, has been a powerful message of embracing our uniqueness as a strength.

This realisation has been empowering, and I hope it inspires others to see their unique qualities as their biggest strengths.

New Reviews, New Media Exposure

The wonderful review from Adrian Miller at The Clothesline and the amazing audience feedback—shared personally, in writing, and on social media—have been truly gratifying.

The media interest this year, from community radio on 3D Radio and Radio Adelaide to FiveAA and participating in a Songbird Speed Date with Adam Page on ABC radio with Jason Chong, was fantastic.

New Horizons With Adam Page

Collaborating with the incredible jazz musician Adam Page on “Fragile” by Sting was a memorable highlight.

His enthusiasm about my deep voice and the potential of looping it has inspired me to explore this new challenge.

Given my background in choral singing and love for harmonies, I’m excited to learn and experiment with a looping pedal.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me throughout this journey.

Your kind words and enthusiasm mean the world to me.

I look forward to what the future holds and hope to continue sharing my voice and story with all of you.

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