Behind The Microphone: My Morning With Paul Davies and Ed Heddle on Radio Adelaide

This morning, I had the delightful opportunity to join Paul Davies on Breakfast on Radio Adelaide, accompanied by the ever-talented Ed Heddle on piano.

Adjusting to jet lag after returning from Canada, Ed chose to let his piano do the talking, so I was the guest doing the talking with Paul.

During the interview, we shared a couple of songs live, offering a taste of what’s in store for my upcoming Fringe show. Unfortunately, we encountered some unexpected interference during the recordings, which might make listening to the audio below a bit challenging.

The conversation with Paul dove into the uniqueness of my voice, an attribute that has shaped my identity and career in profound ways. Paul’s playful banter about our morning preparations lightened the mood, with Ed being humorously dubbed my “pet keyboard player.” Despite Ed’s jet lag, his performance was nothing short of inspiring!

That Fateful Audition At Age 17

Paul’s curiosity about my voice – often surprising to new listeners due to its depth – opened the door to discussing the challenges and revelations that have come with it.

Reflecting on my journey, I shared how it wasn’t until an audition at 17 that I truly realized the distinctiveness of my voice. It was a moment that sparked a mix of self-consciousness and eventual acceptance, highlighting a path that many of us traverse in recognizing and embracing our unique traits.

Music has always been my sanctuary, a realm where differences are not just accepted but celebrated. From open mic nights to cabaret stages, my evolution as a musician has been a testament to the power of embracing one’s authentic self.

Our live performance of “Black Coffee,” a jazz classic that resonates with my soul, hopefully conveyed just a hint of this journey to listeners.

Preparing To Perform At New Fringe Venue, Plant 4 Bowden

Discussing the venue for my Fringe show at Plant 4 Bowden, I shared our excitement about transforming the space into a cabaret setting, complete with all the high-tech trappings to enhance the experience.

Paul and I pondered the intimate dynamics of cabaret performances, where engaging the audience becomes as crucial as the show itself.

It’s a challenge I relish, offering stories and songs that, I hope, strike a chord with everyone who listens.

Wrapping up our session, Ed and I performed a piece inspired by Nina Simone, an artist whose emotive power and unparalleled phrasing have deeply influenced my artistic voice.

Despite the technical hiccups, our goal was to share a moment of musical connection, hoping to leave listeners intrigued and perhaps a bit moved.

Listen To The Audio, If You’re Game

For those who missed the live broadcast or are curious about braving the audio despite its flaws, I encourage you to give it a listen.

It’s a glimpse into the world of jazz and blues through my lens, accompanied by Ed’s exceptional talent.

As we gear up for the Adelaide Fringe, I’m reminded of the beauty of live music and the stories it carries. From the unexpected challenges to the moments of sheer joy, it’s all part of the journey. I hope you’ll join us at Plant 4 Bowden for Hear My Voice, where we’ll explore the depths of music, identity, and the art of embracing one’s uniqueness.

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