A Night of Unexpected Melodies: My Collaboration with Adam Page on ABC Adelaide With Jason Chong

On Wednesday night, I found myself in the studio of ABC Adelaide, invited by Jason Chong to participate in an intriguing segment called Songbirds Speed Date. This unique opportunity paired me with the wonderfully talented Adam Page, a fellow musician known for his versatility and love for pushing musical boundaries. Our task? To collaborate on a song, live, after finding a common musical thread within a mere hour to prepare it, having not played together before. We had no idea who we were being paired with until we showed up to the studio at 8pm to perform at about 9pm.

My journey in music, transitioning from classical and early music choirs to the soulful embrace of jazz and blues, has always been a deeply personal one. Sharing this on air, discussing how jazz and blues helped me find not just my voice but my identity, felt almost like opening a new chapter in my narrative. Adam, with his arsenal of instruments including saxophone, various percussion instruments, a mini keyboard and a looping pedal, was ready to blend his eclectic style with mine and choose what would suit the song. Adam and I both agreed that we wanted to step outside of our comfort zones, choose a song that was not in our more natural jazz and blues repertoire and see what we could do with it.

We tossed around a few ideas and landed on Fragile, a song that both of us had a deep respect for by Sting. Adam had previously done a looping version of it but we decided after throwing some ideas around that although that would be fun, keyboard felt right for it that night and Adam felt that this would be more out of his comfort zone. For me the challenge was to lower the key to the lowest I could reach, sitting right at the bottom of my range and reinterpret the song with Adam to move out of the strict time and sing it more freely. Once we worked that out, the magic started to happen despite doing this in an office with the mini keyboard rested on the top of a recycling bin. It’s not exactly your ideal rehearsal space, but it is all we needed – two creative minds together with a common goal to reach, both ready to take on the creative challenge.

The Songbirds Challenge

The challenge Jason set before us was both exhilarating and daunting. The process, although brief, was an intense exploration of creativity and adaptability. It was about more than just merging our sounds; it was about telling a story through music, one that resonated with both of us.

As I discussed my upcoming cabaret show Hear My Voice, which delves into my journey of accepting my uniquely deep voice, Adam shared his exciting Fringe projects; I wanna be a musician, and Stereo. It was a moment of mutual promotion, but more importantly, of shared understanding and respect for our crafts.

The outcome of our collaboration was something neither of us could have predicted. It was a rendition that carried the essence of Sting’s original while weaving in the threads of our musical identities. Adam’s ingenuity with his emotive accompaniment and my vocal narrative, utilising a free style also to match his accompaniment, transformed the song into a hauntingly beautiful piece that I believe captured the hearts of those listening.

Stepping Outside Comfort Zones

This experience wasn’t just about the music. It was a testament to the power of artistic collaboration, of stepping outside comfort zones, and of embracing the unpredictable. Working with Adam, under the gentle guidance of Jason, reminded me of the beauty in bringing different musical worlds together.

For those who missed the live broadcast, we’ve embedded the full audio at the bottom of this page, but it is also on the ABC website here. It’s an invitation to journey with us through this spontaneous creation, to witness the blend of jazz, blues, and whatever magic Adam conjures with his instruments. You will also hear Adam Page do his incredible signature musical style with stereo looping, saxophone and percussion that just blew me away. I felt priviliged to watch his improvisation unfold before me and to witness one of our points of connection so intimately; a deep passion and joy for music that has no bounds.

Reflecting on that night, I’m reminded of the endless possibilities that lie in collaboration. As artists, we often tread our paths solo, but it’s in these moments of unity that new horizons open. In the interview we also discuss my collaboration with Ed Heddle, my incredibly talented accompanist on keyboard who Adam has had the pleasure of playing with also. It was good to recall what that collaboration has given me over so many years, an experience that is hard to find the words to articulate, as it is has been so powerful and meaningful. Musical collaborations are often where you find the gold – the meeting of minds and the shared passion facilitates the creation of something that has the potential to go beyond what any individual does solo.

My conversation with Jason, the laughs shared, and the music created with Adam, all underscore a message central to my show and my belief: embracing our uniqueness leads to the most profound connections and creations.

Listening back to our performance, I’m filled with gratitude for the opportunity and excited for the possibility of collaborating again with Adam, possibly looping my voice next time. If you’re curious about the intersection of jazz, blues, and a touch of improvisational genius, I invite you to listen to our rendition of Sting’s classic and to join me at my show, where I continue to explore the depth and range of my voice.

Listen to Alexandra Frost with Adam Page On ABC Adelaide With Jason Chong

This unexpected night on ABC Adelaide was a reminder that music, at its core, is a dialogue—between artists, with the audience, and within ourselves. I hope our performance sparks conversations, inspires other artists to explore collaborations, and most importantly, brings a moment of beauty to all who listen.

Thank you for joining me on this musical adventure, and I look forward to sharing more stories, songs, and unexpected journeys with you.

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