Alexandra Frost’s Unique Voice Resonates on 3D Radio’s ‘Arts Garden’

In my recent conversation with James Murphy on 3D Radio’s ‘Arts Garden’ program, I had the opportunity to share my musical journey, one that has been shaped by my transition from the structured world of classical choral music to the expressive realms of jazz and blues.

More than just a musical evolution, this journey is a story of embracing my deep, distinctive voice, which has often challenged and transcended traditional gender norms.

I fondly recalled my early steps into contemporary music at the Hillbilly Hoot’s community radio nights. This marked a significant shift from my classical choral background but it was a forum where I was able to sing whatever I liked, no matter what genre, within a supportive community and get used to singing on air!! Wondeful collaborations were formed in that time and beautiful friendships.

The transition wasn’t just about exploring new genres; it was about embarking on a path towards self-acceptance, turning my deep voice, often subject to misinterpretation, into a distinctive strength.

My show, Hear My Voice, is more than a performance. It’s a reflection of my personal narrative, a tale of struggling with and eventually embracing my deep vocal range, transforming what was once viewed as a liability into a unique asset.

The show struck a chord with audiences at the Adelaide Fringe, highlighting a message that resonates universally: embracing our distinctiveness can be empowering.

Inspired by Nina Simone and others

The interview also delved into the influences that have shaped my musical style. Inspired by legends like Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, and Ray Charles, I’ve carved a niche in the music world where my deep voice defies traditional female vocal categories. James Murphy shared his experiences, creating a dialogue of mutual understanding and appreciation for our craft.

I also shared anecdotes about my performances with jazz pianist Ed Heddle. Our collaborations, characterised by spontaneity and a profound musical connection, epitomise the special bond between a singer and an accompanist.

Looking ahead, I expressed my excitement about bringing Hear My Voice to Plant 4 Bowden’s Mezzanine, a new venue for the 2024 Adelaide Fringe. I spoke about the venue’s community atmosphere and the diverse lineup of acts, reflecting the festival’s commitment to celebrating artistic diversity.

The discussion concluded with my reflection on Nina Simone’s influence on my music, especially the track “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free”. For me, the song symbolises liberation from societal labels and musical constraints, mirroring my journey.

As the interview came to a close, listeners were treated to Simone’s powerful rendition of the song, a fitting end to a conversation that I hope was as meaningful for listeners as it was for me.

My journey, from the intimate setting of the 3D Radio studio to the vibrant stages of the Adelaide Fringe, is a testament to the power of authenticity and the beauty of embracing one’s unique voice.

It’s a narrative I am proud to share, one that demonstrates our differences are not just to be accepted, but celebrated, making our stories all the more worth telling.

Listen to Alexandra Frost on 3D Radio – The Arts Garden

Here is the full interview with James Murphy.

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