Weekend Notes shines light on Adelaide Fringe cabaret show, Hear My Voice

I am very grateful to journalist James E Murphy for writing about my upcoming show, Hear My Voice, in the publication Weekend Notes. It means a lot to me that people are interested in hearing my story and my music.

You can read the article in full, here: Hear My Voice – Adelaide Fringe.

As James mentioned in his article, my voice has been an integral part of my self-identity for many years. When I was a 17-year-old university student, a comment about my voice being unusually deep for a woman deeply affected how I felt about myself. But over time, I’ve come to embrace my unique voice and find solace in the jazz and blues music of artists like Nina Simone, Diana Krall and Edith Piaf.

Among memories of performing at many other venues and gigs, James is right to mention I fondly recall the residency I held at Wassail Wine Bar in Prospect for many years, and I’ve always been touched by the positive reactions from audiences in that intimate space. In my upcoming show, Hear My Voice, I want to start a conversation about how our perceptions of our own voices and the voices of others shape our lives. As I say in the show, “it’s such a personal thing, or voice, it’s like a fingerprint; an individual voice print.” I want to explore the question of what my life and the lives of others would be like if we had different voices, and how our voices have shaped our experiences and vice versa.

I’m also thrilled to be performing alongside local jazz pianist Ed Heddle, who trained at Adelaide’s Elder Conservatorium Elder and then furthered his studies with a Master’s in Jazz in New York.

Hear My Voice will be on at Nexus Arts Venue at the Adelaide Fringe from the 19th to the 26th of February. I invite everyone to come and hear my voice, an instrument with a 2.5 octave range that has been compared to a red velvet chaise lounge.

Thank you again to James for sharing my story and I hope to see you all at the show!

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