Meet the vocalist – Explore the world and voice of Alexandra Frost

I’d like to invite you to share a glimpse into my interesting musical journey, well, that is, show you enough  to whet your appetite for what awaits you if you purchase a ticket to experience my cabaret show Hear My Voice

Reflecting on the past, my roots lie in singing alto in both large and chamber choirs. I found solace and comfort in my late 20’s as a backing vocalist as I ventured outside of the comforting place of a choir to contemporary music.

However, life’s twists and unexpected opportunities led me to the forefront as a lead vocalist in my 30’s, unveiling the intricacies of navigating a uniquely low voice for a woman.

I Followed My Voice

In Hear My Voice, I unfold the narrative of this journey, a chapter marked by a shift towards jazz, blues and cabaret, led by a voice that ultimately knew where it needed to go before I did.

This show is  a personal exploration, an intricate blend of emotion, humour and contrasting melodies, while at the same time exploring the nuances of the human voice and what it has the power to communicate.

The show encapsulates a journey of self-discovery and acceptance through the medium of song and heartfelt stories – some that provoke thought, others that make you laugh and some that may even have you shed a tear or two. 

Amidst accolades comparing my voice to the richness of chocolate, the allure of red velvet, and the sweetness of honey, a curious irony persists – not a single cigarette has graced my lips.

Yes, it is possible to have a voice this low without smoking cigarettes or drinking lots of whiskey!  

Taking Courage To Stand Out From The Crowd

For those who resonate with the idea of standing out from the crowd for something different, an appreciation for narratives woven into music, and a celebration of uniqueness, Hear My Voice beckons as a “must see this Fringe” as Steve Davis from the Adelaide Show pointed out in his review of the show in 2023.

Comparable to the voices of iconic artists such as Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan, Diana Krall, Tracy Chapman, KD Lang and Edith Piaf, my vocal range for a woman steps outside the norm and has become something that I am always remembered for. 

To delve deeper into my world, consider exploring my website, where you can sign up for updates on upcoming shows or immerse yourself in my performances on YouTube

Should you be inclined to witness this chapter unfold live, and take the opportunity to explore what it means to have your own unique voice, tickets for the Adelaide Fringe show Hear My Voice are available right now and selling fast. 

This isn’t merely a performance; it is an opportunity to celebrate differences, savour the extraordinary, and get lost in the spellbinding low range and voice of Alexandra Frost.

Your presence would be appreciated and will support a fabulous local duo.

Come and share a drink with me after the show in Plant 3. I’d love to hear what resonated with you most in the show and to meet the people who have supported me. 

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