Meet the Musician: Ed Heddle – The Pianist Behind Hear My Voice

In the world of music, partnerships that stand the test of time are rare gems.

For the past 9 years (including a 3 yr hiatus with COVID), I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with the exceptionally talented Ed Heddle, the maestro behind the piano and keyboard in my performances.

Let me take you on a journey into the harmonious connection that defines the Alexandra Frost Duo and introduces you to the talented Ed Heddle.

A Fateful Encounter: A Night at La Bohème

It all began one fateful night at the now-closed La Bohème, where I attended a cabaret performance by a friend and fellow cabaret peer, Shelley Dunstone.

Little did I know that the soulful accompanist behind the keys would soon become my musical partner in crime.

Ed’s sensitivity, expressiveness, and technical prowess caught my attention immediately. I knew I had to discover more about this talented pianist.

Approaching Ed after the show was a rather nerve-wracking yet serendipitous decision.

It turns out, Ed had just returned from studying his Masters in Music in New York and was yet to dive back into the Adelaide jazz scene – his hometown.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect – he was available and eager to explore new musical opportunities.

The Audition that Sealed the Deal

After a brief conversation, we scheduled an audition, and it was a revelation.

Ed’s ability to grasp the essence of a song so quickly (even when he did not know it!)  transpose keys effortlessly, and rely on his exceptional ear rather than chord charts was nothing short of extraordinary.

I could feel the potential for musical synergy and hoped that this could be the beginning of a beautiful musical collaboration. 

The Pianist: Ed Heddle’s Background

Ed’s musical journey began at the age of six when he first touched the piano keys.

His teenage years were dedicated to studying classical piano, later expanding his repertoire to include jazz and composing original music.

Notably, he has won the Young SA Jazz Composers competition twice and earned prestigious prizes such as the 2008 Maude Harriet Riley and the 2009 Tommy Norman Memorial Prize during his Bachelor of Music.

Completing his Masters in Music from SUNY Purchase in the US in 2015 marked a significant milestone. Ed studied with greats such as John Abercrombie, Steve Wilson, and Hal Galper.  

Ed’s eclectic influences range from classical icons like J.S. Bach and Rachmaninoff to classical and jazz innovators such as Brad Mehldau, Steve Reich, Tigran Hamasyan, and the chiptune composer Disasterpeace.

Currently pursuing a Doctorate in Music, Ed’s experiments with uncommon rhythmic grids showcase his commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

When not dazzling audiences alongside the Alexandra Frost Duo, Ed occasionally performs with his trio, featuring Josh Baldwin on drums and Lyndon Gray on bass.

His dedication to teaching and studying is matched only by his passion for music. He is in the final stages of completing his recordings for his PhD and I for one, look forward to hearing them.

If you’d like to hear some of Ed’s compositions please check out this live performance at the Wheatsheaf Hotel at COMA on You Tube.

The Alexandra Frost Duo: A Musical Tapestry

The Alexandra Frost Duo, featuring Ed Heddle on piano and keyboard, has become synonymous with musical excellence, vulnerability, and humanity on stage. Our long-standing collaboration has created a unique musical bond, translating into mindful connected performances that resonate with audiences.

For those who have witnessed us together, you’ll recognise the musical synergy that unfolds when two individuals share a musical journey over a long period. Less communication is needed as we intuitively understand each other’s nuances, creating an experience that goes beyond the notes.

Join Us for “Hear My Voice” and More…..

As we gear up for Hear My Voice and other upcoming performances, we invite you to join us on this musical adventure.

Ed’s mindful, and emotionally expressive playing, combined with my passion for storytelling and singing with heart, promises an evening of laughter, tears, and inspiration.

For jazz and blues lovers, Hear My Voice is a must-attend, while cabaret enthusiasts will appreciate the rich tapestry of songs and stories weaved into the performance. Come witness the dynamic Alexandra Frost Duo in action – where every note is a testament to the extraordinary collaboration between a singer and her pianist.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the magic. See you at Hear My Voice and beyond!

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