Finding My Voice: A Journey Through Cabaret

The evolution of my voice

In 2023 for my debut of my first cabaret show, Hear My Voice, stepping onto the stage for the first time, the nerves, excitement, and anticipation mingled in a whirlwind of emotions. Little did I know, that moment before I stepped on stage, as captured in this photo, marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey—a journey of self-discovery, connection, and transformation.

In the spotlight, immersed in the melodies of Nina Simone, Blossom Dearie, Gershwin, Edith Piaf and the skilled accompaniment of Ed Heddle, I really found my voice. Not just any voice, but an authentic reflection of my identity, echoing through the hearts of my audience.

With each performance of ‘Hear My Voice,’ the show has evolved, and so have I. From a once shy alto chorister accustomed to blending in, to the centre stage, where every note and word carried the essence of my being. I have performed in many years singing jazz and blues songs but cabaret is a new venture after many years as a performer and one that took courage, further training and mentoring by the wonderful Amelia Ryan and Michael Griffiths and the qualities of determination and commitment to achieve it. The process and the performances have given me much more than I ever expected but that is the joy of music and the expression of our creativity.

Reflections from the audience

The support of friends, family, and newfound admirers has been nothing short of incredible. Their presence, their laughter, their tears—each moment shared, a testament to the power of music to unite and to heal. The feedback has been wonderful and so appreciated – just a few examples below of the kinds of comments I have heard. Many have loved hearing a low female voice and want to hear it again.

6o minutes passed in a blink. Alexandra’s show is emotional, funny, informative and most entertaining musically, her voice is amazing.. Margaret

Great show exploring difference and identity. Alex has an amazing voice, glad we got to hear it. Freya

The presence of my past French teacher from Cabra College, who introduced me to the haunting melodies of Edith Piaf, has left an indelible mark on my journey as a performer. It’s a memory that resurfaced with unexpected poignancy when someone suggested I should tackle Piaf’s repertoire some years ago on hearing my voice.

As both a musician and a French expert, her review of my performance struck a chord deep within me. Her words echoed with honesty and wisdom. I was moved to the brink of tears as I recalled the pivotal moment back in Year 8 when she first played Piaf’s music for our class. In that moment, I heard my own voice intertwined with the raw, emotive tones of Piaf—a revelation that sparked a determination within me to one day summon the courage to interpret her songs.

On Sunday, as I stood on stage and poured my heart into a medley including a rendition of part of “Je Ne Regrette Rien,” the culmination of that determination and the audience’s response was overwhelming. With each note, I felt the weight of that journey, and as the final, soaring note filled the room, the applause washed over me along with a sense of pride and joy.

It’s moments like these that remind me of the transformative power of music, of the connections we forge through shared experiences and shared melodies. And as I continue to grow as a performer, alonside my fabulous talented accompanist Ed Heddle, I carry with me the echoes of that classroom, the guidance of my teacher, and the courage to embrace any music that resonates deeply with me, like Piaf’s or Nina Simone’s or other contemporaries such as Gregory Porter or Storm Large.

Alex is a consummate cabaret artist who gives her all to her audience.  In a seamless hour of a mixture of speech, song, jazz, blues, Alex and her first class co-artist gave an intimate history of her voice in the difficult medium of speech and song.  She shows her deep, rich voice in all its colours, using all the possible gamut of dynamics in a style all her own.  She writes the witty, funny and sometimes sad monologue which is given out in a clear diction.  Her excellent and unassuming co-artist is with her all the way as they both show a clear sense of timing in uniting music and speech.  Where has this duo been that one hears of them only in the Fringe?  I see them both on a concert stage, with Alex in the bend of a grand piano.’ Etionnette Fennell

The final performance – An invitation

As we approach the final curtain call, I’m filled with gratitude for this journey. For the lessons learned, the connections made, and the voices heard. But before the lights fade, there’s one last performance—a chance to fill the room with music, laughter, and love. This performance is this coming Sunday March 3rd at 4pm at the beautiful Plant 4 Bowden Mezzanine. Tickets are selling fast for this performance so get in quickly.

So, to all who have yet to experience ‘Hear My Voice,’ I extend a heartfelt invitation. Join me for one final show this season, as we celebrate the magic of music and the beauty of authenticity. Let’s celebrate our unique voices and identities, accepting that alongside strength lies fragility and vulnerability and with that always comes growth. Let’s make this last performance one to remember.

Thank you for your support, your presence, and your willingness to listen. Together, let’s make every note, every word and every voice count.

Tickets are available for the last performance this season of Hear My Voice through Fringetix.

With anticipation and gratitude,


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